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    Screen Printing

    Perfect For:

      • Medium to large print runs
      • Event, band and fashion merchandising
      • Promotional products
      • Minimum order - 20 units per design


    Screen printing is a proven printing technique that has been in the industry for many years. The Fabric Printer is a specialist in this process and can replicate almost any image onto a garment. 

    Using the most modern machinery and inks available, along with our inhouse artwork and separation service, a near perfect reproduction of your image can be achieved. Our techniques include indexing, process printing, process simulation and spot colour printing.

    Our automated equipment allows us to print up to 600 units per hour. No job is too big for The Fabric Printer, making us the preferred screen printer for some of Australia’s biggest events and festivals. 

    No matter where you are in Australia - Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane - we can ship to you.

    CMYK Screen Printing

    CMYK screen printing uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, which are mixed to create your full colour image. This process is similar to colour newspaper printing. The dots used are small enough that they cannot be seen at a standard viewing range, but up close you can see how the colours mix. Full colour matching cannot be guaranteed with this method, as the colour mixes dynamically on the garment. 

    Using our years of experience, we will replicate your original artwork as close as possible. For more information on our screen printing services or for a quote, contact us today.

    Spot Colour Printing

    Spot colour printing allows you to create an exact colour match every time. It works similar to a painter mixing colours on a pallet to find the perfect colour. The colours are usually brighter and more vibrant and unlike CMYK printing, there are no limits to the colours that can be created.

    If you want consistency in your colour printing, spot colour is the most effective.

    Screen Printing FAQs

    How much does screen printing cost? 

    The cost of screen printing is based on three factors:

    • The total number of garments to be printed
    • The number of colours required per print
    • How many prints required per garment – front only, front and back etc.

    Once your design has been finalised and the screen has been created, you can print any number of garments over the minimum 20 item order.  In fact, the more you print the lower the cost per item. Should you want to do a rerun of the same design at a later date, your screen print will be available - there are no charges to store your screen and no set up fees. All you pay is the cost of your printed garments. 

     What items can be screen printed?

    The choice of fabric does play a vital role in the quality of your printed product. The majority of our garments are quality cotton-based products and are responsibly sourced via AS Colour. If you choose to print on a cheaper fabric you run the risk of the garment shrinking which can ruin your design. Supplying your own garments is permitted but not recommended as we may not have printed on that fabric and won’t know how well it will react to the ink and curing process.

    Why choose professional screen printers?

    If you require a large run of t-shirts, a professional screen printer will be able to deliver the most cost-effective solution in the shortest amount of time. At The Fabric Printer, quantity certainly does not affect quality. Even though our machines are capable of printing up to 600 units per hour – each garment is as perfect as the next. We are proud to be the go-to printer for many of Perth’s largest events, including the City to Surf, HBF Run for a Reason and Fringe World Festival.

    How long does screen printing last?

    Compared with other methods of garment printing, screen printed images will generally outlast the shirt it’s printed on. The Fabric Printer primarily uses special eco-friendly inks where possible, and a thorough curing process to ensure your design won’t fade. The life of your print can also depend on the material of the garment. Our products are specifically chosen to keep your design looking fresh and full of colour even after multiple washes.

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