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    Create your own brand.

    Re-labelling adds value to your product by allowing you to create the full branded package for your label. It also allows you to add important details like your website address or your own specific product text on the neck tag of your garments.

    Our re-labelling service is in-house which ensures a high level of quality control and quick turn around on all orders. You should allow 3-10 working days for re-labelling depending on the order size and time of year. Once your order is placed we will give you an estimate on when labelling will be completed. All re-labeling must be completed before orders are shipped and we will not re-label items once they have been printed.

    We do not offer this service to stock provided by the customer. All re-labelling services are offered in-house only on a print and supply basis.

    Types of Relabelling 

    The simplest form of re-labelling is removing the neck tag of an in-stock product and replacing it with one of our custom transfer. We add the existing care details, the t-shirts size, country of origin and care instructions. The ideal trasfer size is 60mm wide by 60mm long. 

    Transfer prices
    Below prices are based on a minimum orders of 50 units.
    • Removal of the neck label $1.00ea plus gst
    • Adding Custom sizing Transfer $1.20ea plus gst
    • Set-up Cost $55.00 (once off cost)

    Transfer Labels

    transfer labels

    Woven & Satin Woven Neck Labels

    We liase with a supplier of custom stitched neck labels that we have worked with for many years. We source can then, store & customise your garments with your labels inhouse, or at the supplier. Pricing is dependant on design and quantity, so please contact one of our sales representatives if you would like a quote for this. 


    neck labels