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    Direct to garment digital printing has revolutionised the textile printing industry. While it is still regarded as a relatively new method of fabric printing, it has grown rapidly and is now the preferred and most affordable option for small run orders. 

    The very first DTG printer was patented in 1996 but it wasn’t until the mid-2000s that DTG printers started to gain the attention of major printing manufacturers like Brother and Epson. Since then, these major brands have invested heavily in research and development to improve everything from print heads to the quality of ink, as well as printing speed and accuracy. 

    At The Fabric Printer, we decided to wait until DTG printers had evolved sufficiently to meet our standards. After a trip to the USA in 2019, we tested a variety of digital printers and found one that was at the level we needed - the state-of-the-art Brother GTX422 direct to garment digital printing machine. 

    At the click of a button, the Brother GTX422 can perfectly recreate any image. As we’ve discovered, digital printing is the perfect option for printing onto cotton t-shirts and can deliver full-colour printing on both white and coloured shirts. As mentioned, it is ideal for small orders (generally under 20 units), one-off designs and when product sampling for large runs, photo shoots or complex artwork.

    It is often asked whether digital printing will replace traditional screen printing. At this stage, the answer is no. Digital fabric printing is not suitable for larger runs due to higher ink costs and has slower production times. This process does not require separations like screen printing.

    For more information on our digital direct to garment printing services, contact us today. We will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

    Why Choose Digital DTG Printing?

    Whether you want to create a one-off gift for someone or you’re trialling a new t-shirt design for your business, DTG printing is the most affordable solution. 

    If you’ve ever tried traditional screen printing, you’ll know that it does have some limitations with image reproduction. With digital fabric printing the sky's the limit! It doesn’t matter how complex the colours or design is, digital printing creates crisp, high-resolution images every time. 

    Ordering your DTG printed garments is simple too. There’s no fussing about with traditional artwork preparation or manufacturing screens, in three simple steps you can have your printed garment ordered and ready for delivery.

    Step 1. Select your product from the online catalogue

    Step 2. Upload your artwork or create a design with our online designer

    Step 3. Choose your size and quantity, plus pick up or delivery 

    Top 5 reasons to choose DTG Printing

  • Perfect for small runs 
  • (Minimum of 1 unit online on our Design Your Own Area, or 20+ units in store. Please Note: You will need to email your design for quoting & book an appointment prior to attending the store. 

  • Can manage highly detailed and complex designs

  • Ideal for product sampling or photo shoots

  • Best quality reproduction of colour artwork or photographs

  • Fast turnaround time from order to delivery

  • Get a free quote.

    Samples of our Digital Textile Printing