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    For any team to succeed, it’s vital that the members feel like they’re all in it together. 

    One of the simplest and most rewarding ways to grow your team’s sense of camaraderie is by unifying them under their team banner – carefully embroidered onto your choice of apparel and accompanied by their nickname, player number, slogan, and more.

    Because whatever your sport of choice, it’s all about teamwork.

    Our customisable sportswear range caters to everyone, from professional athletes to little athletics taking their first few steps on their journey to the top. 

    Personalised t-shirts made from 100% Cool dry polyester tend to be the most popular choice for dance and fitness teams because of the fabric’s breathability and moisture-wicking properties, while our best-selling hoodies and jumpers offer a great way to show your affiliation even when off the field.

    Are you a member of a golf or bowling squad? Our personalised sports polos make a great team uniform. 

    Cycling enthusiast? We’ve got you covered with cyclewear tops. 

    Or maybe your daughter is about to compete in a big dance finale, and you want the family there spectating. Why not order a batch of colourful t-shirts bearing an enthusiastic photo of her face – what better way to show your support?

    With The Fabric Printer, you don’t just get a few limited options – you get a range of fully personalisable sportswear apparel to choose from. Our custom features let you put together your ideal garment design; start with a template handpicked from hundreds of options, then choose from 100% cotton t-shirts and singlets to hoodies and college jackets. You choose the colour and design before uploading your logos, images, slogans, and more.

    And don’t worry about getting the logo placement just right – our design experts will be there to help every step of the way, finalising your artwork for print and sourcing the best possible garment for your needs.

    Ready to step up your game? Get a free quote.

    Who We Have Helped

    1. 24/7 Power Fitness 
    2. Athlete X
    3. All About Dance
    4. Bangarang Dance
    5. Best Body
    6. Bike Bar
    7. The Body Consultants
    8. The Boulder Hub
    9. Charles Worth Ballet Institute 
    10. The Crossfit Chamber
    11. Crossfit Margaret River
    12. Crossfit Perth
    13. Crossfit Quay
    14. Fit Pursuit The Dance Collective
    15. Life and Soul
    16. Ninja Academy 
    17. Revo
    18. Shredded
    19. Star Factory
    20. Strength City
    21. Range of Motion 
    22. Riddlers Gym 
    23. Perth Dance Centre
    24. Powerplay Health & Fitness
    25. West Coast Fury Cheerleading 
    26. West Coast Titans Basketball

    The Fabric Printer Service Guarantee

    We tailor every order to your specific needs by sourcing the perfect garment and working with you to make sure your design meets the required printing specifications.

    Once the artwork is approved, it can take up to 10 working days to take the order through to printing, quality assurance, and delivery to anywhere in Australia.

    Speak with our sales and design team by phoning (08) 9244 9000 or simply fill in this form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

    Let’s create something beautiful.

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